Our Vision

Our mission is to offer high-quality hair extensions to people who won’t accept anything less while creating an unforgettable experience with everyone we have the opportunity to help along their hair journey.

Our Founder

Layah J


Layah J is a high-quality local Colorado hair distributor. She offers 100% Virgin hair and raw Indian hair in a variety of different textures and hair types; they also offer a vast variety of lash extensions as well. 

The need for this service here in Colorado alone is at an all-time HIGH! I personally have been wearing hair extensions since I was a teen, I was bullied in Elementary School due to my appearance. And I wanted this to change for not only me but others as well.

So, when I hit High School, I wanted to look a certain “type” of way! I mean, what young lady didn’t?

I was an aspiring model and required a different look for every photo shoot, runway, etc., so my mother spent hundreds of dollars every couple of months to buy the hair for my extensions and pay for the installations.

I needed to get the style I wanted so I could feel confident about my appearance in my career, and just personally. This pattern continued into my adult life and, as a result, I became anti-weave for a year or two! During this time, I did not model as much and just lived my life working a job, I didn’t really care too much about.

I got into modeling and lost a lot of gigs because of a lack of versatility, and due to this fact, confidence in my career. My styles and looks felt mediocre and my passion to model was slowly becoming non-existent.

This was highly affected due to the hair extension’s poor quality and extremely high cost. This ignited my entrepreneurial fire!

I needed to start sampling hair on myself to ensure the quality before offering it to my clients. So many women say they offer the best of the best and once you get it you feel like you’ve wasted your money, NO ONE likes the feeling of being cheated!

So, I went to the beauty supply warehouse (The biggest hair store we have here in Colorado FYI) and insisted they take me to the highest quality hair they had in stock. 

This was after waiting for a while to just get someone available long enough to explain to me why this hair is the best in the store, allow me to see the hair, feel the hair, etc. I was not invited in properly and this made me feel uncomfortable. I was not able to relate to the seller behind the counter. Being an African American woman, I had questions they could NOT answer for they were a different race with different struggles when it came to their hair so, they found it hard to even understand my personal needs.

After a while I finally got my questions answered, I got to feel the hair, and BOOM I was SOLD! The hair was soft and silky, it was calling my name SO I purchased it.

After a whopping $350.00 for 3 bundles and a Frontal (16″+18″,20″,22″) I had my stylist install my fabulous hair for $250.00. After spending $600.00 (hair + install) I absolutely loved the result!!!

However, not long after I got home, I experienced a terrible breakout under my frontal. This install, at the time, was a high expense & nearly broke my pockets; however, I was going through this process to get some quality hair I could reuse and style as I please, as well as start sampling my hair and lash products before offering them to my clients. Unfortunately, I did not get what I bargained for Queenz.

After 1 hour of my installation, my head started to leak fluid and crust up. This was very painful and frustrating since I just had gotten the installation that day!

The pain caused me to be hospitalized 3 x’s (in a matter of 2 days) and out of work for several weeks. The doctors were uncomfortably confused, which in turn left me concerned as to whether they could even assist.

Little did I know, I was at an extremely high and unhealthy risk I had NO knowledge of at the time! It was extremely terrifying!

I reached out to my hairstylist and she treated me like the plague. She refused to see me and told me to remove my installation and let it heal before getting another one! Uh hello, I would need her help to do such a thing, so I was infuriated and in pain.

I felt alone in trying to figure out what the heck was happening to me. I am sure many of you ladies can relate to this feeling!

So, after several visits to the ER & the dermatologist to try and figure out what this aftereffect was that I was still experiencing, I finally was able to afford a biopsy on my head and after waiting a few weeks was able to finally get an answer to what I was experiencing as well as a prescription for an ointment that works wonders for my newly contracted Seborrheic Dermatitis scalp.

Mind you. This is something I did not have before my installation using skin adhesives, I was 28 years old no issues until I took the risk of using skin adhesives. No ladies It was not an allergic reaction to the hair or lace at all it was without a doubt the adhesive my stylist chose and recommended I use during my installation. Finding this out (in the worst way possible) had me extremely upset for this affected me in a permanent way!

During my healing process, I took a lot of time to research why this might have happened to me, and ladies what I found out will shock you!

I was in disbelief myself. 

Not only did I conduct my own investigation on my situation, I also reached out to the company that owned the adhesive I used and the response I got was a response that was the least bit empathetic to my situation. Unfortunately, this I expected from such a big company, I explained what happened and simply asked for what was really important The ingredients!

In gathering data, I found that certain skin adhesive companies find no problem in using extremely hazardous ingredients in their products and we have no clue about the effects of the things we freely put on our skin to look and feel beautiful.

So, I spent tons of time further researching the negatives of the ingredients used, and they drastically outweighed the positives for me personally and I’m pretty sure this is the same for many others like myself.

I came to find out there are thousands of women who use skin adhesives and just don’t share their experiences. They either wait a while or downplay what happened to them and don’t bring up the reality of how dangerous this really can be for certain people who take their advice seriously.

So, I felt it was overdue for me to share my experience, I wanted to share in a way that helped others understand what they are going through and help those prevent hair drama. I wanted to share my story in a much more visual way which I was able to do on my Social Media platforms. This approach has allowed me to educate and bring awareness to these hair struggles women are enduring for beauty!

I have now made it to where I offer hair to not only women looking for high-quality extensions and versatility but also to women who suffer from hair loss that is self-inflicted or medically diagnosed.

I now know personally how traumatizing hair loss can be, even when it is minimal! So, I aim to help African American women and children who suffer from this, an alternative, one that is completely risk-free!! 

The main alternative my company Versatile Quality Hair offers women is a glueless approach to wearing their hair extensions.

For those of you who don’t know what glueless is let me explain. Let’s start with a glueless unit: this is a unit either Pre-made/Custom-made in a way that allows the customer to not be forced to wear skin adhesives at all whatsoever! This is made possible with several different methods, my most sought-after method is making custom units for my clients is the elastic band! This works miracles and is installed inside the wig unit allowing for a more secure feel and look.

Another highly effective method that we use is the suede wig headband. This also allows you to keep your unit in place without adhesives… Between these two methods, I find a high satisfaction rate in serving my clients what they want without any risk.

For me, safety in beauty is just as important as looking the part when hired for a modeling gig or any gig for that matter! Women are pressured to look a certain way and most times it’s terribly uncomfortable to achieve. Here at Versatile Quality Hair, we provide safer options for our clients FIRST. We also provide a solution/alternative to a trend even your stylist will recommend before knowing how your skin will react. 

If your stylist does not test the skin adhesive on you first, don’t go through with the installation! Your stylist from my personal experience, is not aware of the risk behind this careless approach and it must STOP!

So, for the last 12 months, my goal has been to eliminate the hair drama stories I see on YouTube or on FB live gone wrong and help these individuals find a better way to still go about achieving their desired look JUST without the risk.

 I personally went through it and know it’s not an easy subject to discuss let alone share with others.

My clients know I am their GO-TO when they want something natural and risk-free when it comes to their hair and lashes. So, I strive to offer beauty without the risk, as well as provide the proper guidance and support to educate my women on how they can prevent permanent outcomes like mine using skin adhesives, and then contracting Seborrheic Dermatitis and permanently dealing with it to this day!

If I have anything to do with it, NO ONE I encounter will suffer as I did! So, tap into what I am offering Queenz and help me share my story with other women who could benefit from an alternative like what I offer.